Saturday, October 20, 2018

Jimmy Thompson at Timely Comics! Super-Stylish, Riveting Stories in NEW 198-Page E-Book!

Hot Off the E-Presses! Here's THOMPSON AT TIMELY, the long-awaited best-of collection of Jimmy Thompson's epic, exciting material for Timely from 1943-1947.
     This 198-page e-book collects 15 stories--most of them 12 pages long--with an emphasis on the artist's great Human Torch stories. There are two Sub-mariner stories, one featuring The Angel and another with the wartime hero Jap-Buster Johnson.
  At twice the length of his contemporary ROBOTMAN stories for DC, these Timely tales make for riveting reading. The quality of the scripts far outshines the Robotman material, and these stories give Thompson ample room to really show off his abilities as an exciting, elegant cartoonist. Heads and shoulders above any other Timely artist of the war years, Jimmy Thompson gives every panel 110% of his effort, passion and knowledge. These stories been digitally restored so that the details in Thompson's elegant artwork pops off the page. Here's a before-and-after of one typical page:

An introduction by Eisner-winning comics creator and historian Frank M. Young looks at how Thompson's approach differed from the other Timely artists of the time--especially in his treatment of the Japanese characters--and notes how Timely gave Thompson star treatment, unlike DC, which never gave him first-string features and hampered the page count of his stories.
  It's a historically revealing and mighty entertaining suite of stories. These are smarter-than-average, fast-moving, action-packed wartime adventures, plus some post-war film noirs on paper. For $6.99 USD, this handsome, hi-rez e-book can be yours. The file is 475 MB--the smallest we could get it without sacrificing visual qualty.
  Here are a few more sample pages from this delightful collection:

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Monday, September 3, 2018

PayPal Links for ROBOTMAN Volumes 2 and 3

I bumbled on the keyboard and wiped out the sidebar we used to have here that offered quick links to all the digital comics collections offered here. As said in the sidebar, please contact Paul Tumey if you would like to purchase his two fine volumes of Jack Cole's MIDNIGHT comic-book series (and if you don't have them, you need them).

Here are the purchase links for ROBOTMAN Volumes 2 and 3. They're $2.99 USD each. See elsewhere on this blog for descriptions and images from these e-books, which have been purchased by many happy customers.



Jimmy Thompson's ROBOTMAN Volume One--Rebooted!

For years, I've meant to clean up the Frankenstein-monster that was ROBOTMAN Volume 1. After another period of dawdling, I've completed the task. And here it is, in a handsome new edition with a longer introduction--which makes use of information about Thompson's life and career which weren't available nearly a decade ago when the first edition was produced.

With the exception of one story, the book collects the first 26 episodes of this charming, graphically magnificent comic-book feature, which was created by Superman's Jerry Siegel. The strip really came to life when Canadian sports cartoonist (and documenter of Native American customs and lore) Jimmy Thompson took over the art helms in 1943.

Though Thompson didn't write the scripts, he put 110% into every panel on his elegantly designed pages--strong layouts, masterful cartoony comics art and creative use of typography (hand-written and mechanical). The results have been one of comics' secret classics, never reprinted save for one story and hard to see for decades.
Here's the opening spread of the new introduction written by Eisner Award winner Frank M. Young. Following is the table of contents and two sample spreads.

This 176-page e-book, in PDF form, has page after age of bright, colorful comics--restored from their original printed versions--and is pure reading bliss! The price is $6.99 USD. However, if you purchased the original edition and want to upgrade, you can do so for $2.99 USD--just answer the question to verify that you have the now-discontinued first version. (Pardon the telegram phrasing of the question--had to cram in into 30 characters.)

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What is on p. 83 of old book?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Robotman Volume 4 Available At Last!

After years of dawdling, we've put in the work and prepared the final Robotman stories of the great Jimmy Thompson in a hefty 220-page e-book. Each of these 25 six-page stories has been cleaned up, color-balanced and looking better than they did in their original 1948-49 printings.

These stories capture the strip's transition from a light-hearted (if formulaic) blend of bigfoot cartooning and super-antics to the feature's early 1949 reboot as a serious science fiction-flavored series. On his last legs, with only months left to his short life, Jimmy Thompson put his all into these stories.

Thompson moved from New York to Missoula, Montana in 1947. There, he lived among the Crow Indians, whom he had long befriended as he studied (and took part in) their culture and way of living. Thompson, an ex-Canadian who had only recently become an American citizen, knew what it was like to be an outsider. This tacitly informs his Robotman work. Thompson did not write these stories. They were written by hack authors who freelanced for National Periodical Publications (familiarly, and now officially, known as DC).

The scripts improve as Robotman becomes a more serious strip. Robbie the Robot-dog, who just vanishes, without explanation or closure, as the series takes a more dramatic attitude. (This splash page, a sample from the e-book, shows just how cartoony the strip could get in 1947.)

The book offers an introductory essay by Eisner Award-winning comics creator and historian Frank M. Young, plus a post-script that surveys what happened to the Robotman character after Thompson's unfortunate demise at age 41. 

It's sobering to read these stories and realize that their artist was slowly dying of heart issues as he poured all his skill and effort into their elaborate, TLC-filled pages. Thompson never phones in a single panel, and whether comedy or high melodrama was called for, he delivered the goods as few fellow comic book artists did in the post-war period.

If the scripts of Robotman were any kind of match for the bravura artwork of Jimmy Thompson, the strip would be right up there with Jack Cole's Plastic Man or Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. Despite the pat quality of the stories, each panel is sheer visual delight. Thompson was a skilled visual designer, and he applied this talent to every page of his work--not only these DC stories, but similarly ravishing pages for Timely, Famous Funnies, Avon and other publishers. Thompson's work is sorely deserving of a for-real book collection. We hope that the four e-book collections of his Robotman will suffice for the present.

This double-size fourth and final volume is $6.99 USD. Look below for a PayPal payment link. Upon receiving word of payment, we'll immediately send you a download link to the e-book in PDF format. (The file is 315 MB, so make sure you have proper room on your device to download this puppy!)

Here are some more sample pages from the restored stories.

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