Sunday, August 17, 2014

Basil Wolverton's "Powerhouse Pepper": The First 15 Stories... plus Al Jaffee's early work in new Comic Book Attic e-book!

Comic Book Attic is proud to announce a new, 151-page e-book that presents the first fifteen "Powerhouse Pepper" stories, by the inimitable Basil Wolverton, in full color, as they first appeared in the pages of JOKER COMICS! An introduction by comics scholar Frank M. Young places these wild, charming stories in the context of Wolverton's long career--and also notes the strip's debt to E. C. Segar's THIMBLE THEATRE.

A bonus feature offers a dozen pages of AL JAFFEE's MAD-ly funny crime comics spoof SQUAT CAR SQUAD, which also appeared in the pages of JOKER!

These stories have never been reprinted anywhere, and are a heapin' helpin' of classic Basil Wolverton graphic glory--so hop, on, Pop, and plop down $4.50 USD to hang onto this shebang! Here's a PayPal button so you can get struttin', Sutton... (New note notion: this offer still good, Snood, in 2018, if you know what I mean...)

To whet your appetite, Dwight, here's all the rage in splash page(s), right from the left hook of this book!
If interest is sufficient, there will be more volumes that collect these "timely" appearances of a Wolverton wonder! So buy, Guy, and enjoy, Roy! Oy!