Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More of Robotman and Robbie--Jimmy Thompson's Cult Classic

Want to read some more of JIMMY THOMPSON's charming cult classic, ROBOTMAN? Here are a dozen consecutive stories, digitally remastered for your reading and viewing pleasure. Added bonus: a survey of Thompson's striking work for the hit parade-slanted '40s title, JUKE BOX COMICS! Ever wondered how Thompson would draw Lawrence Welk--or Count Basie? Wonder no more, friend!

101 pp. of comics and commentary, available in CBR format. (If you don't use CBR files, you can re-name it as an RAR file, and unzip it on your computer.)

Only $2.99 for a handsome digital file! Why the heck not?

NOTE: File delivery may take up to 24 hours, as we are filling orders manually to keep costs low. This file is for reading and studying purposes only. It is intended to provide comics students with immediate and affordable access to rare out-of-print material.

Buy Robotman V.2--$2.99

Here's a story from that eBook, a marvelous Robotoman episode drawn by one of the premier stylists of the Golden Age of Comics, Jimmy Thompson. As with many of the stories in this volume, the story features one of the most appealing characters of comics from this era, the irrepressible Robbie the Robotdog! You can see in this story how Robbie dons a little fur suit to impersonate a "real" dog.

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